Prior to us providing you with an accurate quotation for your project, there are a number of vital stages that need to be followed (without these we cannot give you costings).

We have explained this simply in our five step diagram below:

1) Architects

Architectural drawings are required for both planning applications and building control approval; the architect will inform the client if a planning application is required, and can assist in the necessary applications - we have several architects we work very closely with, and can recommend.

2) Planning Application drawings (if required)

Basic drawings with little specification; if the application is successful, the drawings go back to the architect for the detail to be added.

3) Building regulation approval drawings

All required detail is added; specification, drainage, mechanical & extraction, structural engineer calculations etc.

4) Building regulation approval

the drawings are sent to building control for review and inspection.

5) Contractors

The completed drawings are sent out to contractors for the tender process (these are our set of instructions). We use these to provide you with an accurate estimate for your project as they allow us to quote on the exact specification and quantity of materials required. We will also provide you with a project timeline from start to finish.